Exchanges and Returns

Not satisfied? We will refund your money!
We always want satisfied customers in our store. We want the products to cause a general commotion of happiness when they arrive at your home so you can come back again and again.
If for any reason you are disappointed with your purchase, we will do our best to resolve your issue, following some simple rules for exchanges, returns and refunds.
Repentance and giving up:
In the case of exchanges and returns due to regret or withdrawal, when the product is in perfect condition but does not please the customer, the customer will have a period of 7 (seven) days, counting from the date of receipt of the merchandise, to make the request for return by telephone or email.
How to proceed in case of return or exchange due to regret:
1. Contact support via email.
2. Send the product by post, with postage paid by the customer, to the sender's address. Important: the product must be in its original packaging, with no signs of use, without breaking the seal, if applicable, accompanied by all accessories it has.
Upon receipt of the product and confirmation of the conditions above, you can choose to:
- Receive a credit in the Store for the total amount paid, which can be used to purchase another product immediately, or in a future purchase, valid for 6 months.
- Refund of the value of the product, using the same payment method used at the time of purchase.
*If the order has already been shipped and cancellation is requested, the customer must wait for the product to arrive, send it to the address indicated by the company and the amount paid will be refunded.
* The Store is exempt from the obligation to exchange any product whose defect has been caused by misuse, or respond to requests outside the aforementioned deadlines.
We provide the measurements in centimeters of our products so there is no error when choosing the size. According to the Consumer Protection Code - Article 18, there is no legal obligation for the retailer to make exchanges due to consumer regret regarding color, size, model, or any other hypothesis. The right guaranteed to the customer by the consumer protection code is to exchange only in the case of defective products.
Other occurrences:
All occurrences described above, and others that may be identified, must be communicated to the Store by telephone or via email.
Products returned without this communication, after the deadline or without accompanying items/accessories, may be resent without prior consultation.
In addition to the events mentioned, if any of the hypotheses below occur, receipt of the product must be refused.

- Open or damaged packaging;
- Faulty product;
- Product not in accordance with the order;
- Lack of accessories.
If you still receive the product, please contact Store support within 72 hours of receipt. We hope we have clarified your doubts!